Peak Performance


The purpose of Sustainable Enterprise Ltd is to assist organisations towards the achievement of sustained  Peak Performance - continuously exceeding best performance in pursuit of an inspirational purpose.

We work with the CEOs and leadership teams of a wide range of government, high growth SMEs and international business clients. We are passionate about maximising value creation and profitability, creating new business opportunities, eliminating or minimising waste and risk, and making the world a better place through sustainable enterprise.

Our work derives from research for our books Peak Performance published in 2000 and Sustainable Peak Performance published in 2010.

Our Approach

Sustainable Peak Performance thinking is simple yet rigorous. The language we use is more human and natural than traditional business language. All our models and outcomes are on one page. Our approach is to facilitate reflection, learning, foresight and insight amongst the leaders of a client organisation, towards the co-creation of consensus based Purpose and performance development action plans. We endeavour to make our workshops fun, thought-provoking, reflective and above all actionable. Every segment of the programme concludes with an action plan.

Sustainable Peak Performance thinking creates value through:
  • Enriched Purpose and business models
  • Enhanced brand value
  • Breakthrough/ leapfrog products / services
  • Increased revenue / market share
  • Magnet for great people; higher retention of top people through passionate commitment to Purpose
  • Increased productivity through positivity, wellbeing & flow
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Reduced costs of operating
  • Reduced risk and increased opportunities through understanding latent and emerging sustainability issues

Steps towards Sustainable Peak Performance

We conduct our work through a combination of workshops, web based tools, stories and conversations with key people from the organisation. Our web tools provide opportunities for personal and organisational reflection on how to transform towards Sustainable Peak Performance. Detailed organisation and personalised feedback is provided. Together with co-creation activities in the workshops, this feedback provides the basis for individual and organisation action plans.

The normal stages of development are:
    1. The co-creation of an imaginative Purpose that provides the basis for Sustainable Peak Performance.

    2. The development of a set of actions plans to implement the Purpose across all aspects of the enterprise.

    Inspirational Leadership
    3. The development of Inspirational Leadership skills.

    4. How to enhance Wellbeing, Flow and productivity.

    5. Enhancing economic, social and environmental performance.

Sustainable Peak Performance development

The process explained above has been proven through work with more than 200 clients over the last decade. However, each enterprise’s context and needs are different. Sustainable Peak Performance development is individually designed to meet the needs of clients depending on their current stage of development, opportunities and aspirations.

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