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Susie Pratt

http://www.sustainableenterprise.org/images/dynamic/About%20Us/spratt.jpgNew media artist and designer
Sustainable Enterprise Ltd

Susie holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Auckland where she is currently completing her Masters degree in Fine Arts. Susie Pratt is a new media artist/designer exploring sustainability and the construction of physical and digital environments to stage relations. In particular Susie is interested in the challenge of creating virtual spaces to play and test multiple propositions of how to act eco-effectively. She believes that art and design have the possibility of emotionally implicating the viewer in the consequences of their choices - it can potentially give people the ability to:

  • see relations in a greater context
  • envision alternative ways of living in the world
  • provide patterns to change habits


  • Bruce Maus project Massive Change www.massivechange.com. "The Massive Change project explores the legacy and potential, the promise and power of design in improving the welfare of humanity. It originated as a collaboration between Bruce Mau Design and the Institute without Boundaries in which [they] researched the capacities and limitations of human efforts to change the world for the better."
  • My local NZ organic vege delivery that brings yummy and delightful surprises to my doorstep each week.
  • Amy Franceschini, new media artist/designer, founder of Future Farmers www.futurefarmers.com and collaborator in Free soil www.free-soil.org.