Sustainable Enterprise

A new philosophy of business is emerging based on deep commitment to sustainability principles and driven by a spirit of activism towards making the world a better place. In this section we celebrate their stories and their founders.

These enterprises were included in our research for our book Sustainable Peak Performance, and helped develop the theory and practice of Sustainable Peak Performance which underpins our work. Click on any of the images below to find out more about these Enterprises.

Sustainable Enterprises
Forum for the Future The Body Shop SnowyPeak Comvita Stonyfield Farm The Eden Project Putumayo World Music Patagonia Dilmah Lonely Planet
The following principles were embodied in all of their stories.
  • Inspirational founders with an absolute commitment to business success
  • Clarity of Purpose and philosophy incorporating sustainability principles
  • Activism towards making the world a better place through their way of conducting business, their products and their foundations
  • Prescience deriving from sustainability issues that created business opportunities
  • Creative business models that pioneered new industries or market segments
  • Passion for the product and total commitment to quality
  • Nurturing people and relationships and a joyful working environment.