Peak Performance


In this workshop we commence with an introduction to the theory of Peak Performance and its practical application.

Together, we co-create the organization’s Purpose using our proprietary models, methodology and language. Peak Performance Purpose inspires new opportunities for value creation and provides the foundation for sustained Peak Performance.

From this workshop, you will:
  • Obtain a working understanding of the Sustainable Peak Performance framework
  • Profile your own business operations alongside best practice
  • Re-imagine the organization’s Purpose including:
    • Discover the organization’s Spirit
    • Co-create an Inspirational Dream and beliefs
    • Imagine your Greatest Challenge
    • Find the organization’s Focus
  • Develop the Top Ten Challenges which will deliver on the Greatest Imaginable Challenge.
  • Develop inspirational language for sharing Purpose internally and externally.

  • The outcome will be a new inspirational Purpose for the organization that will provide clarity and consistency of intent and direction for the organization and the basis for value creation. Purpose starts the play. Value is created through the development of a crystal clear and incisive business model and language that can then be shared internally and externally. An aspect of the power of Purpose is that it translates directly to brand.

    It can often be valuable to have a second Purpose workshop to engage a wider group of people in the co-creation process, and therefore ownership of Purpose. We invariably find that a subsequent workshop, building on the work done in the first, will also enhance the content.