Peak Performance


The Practices workshop develops the action plans that will assist the organisation’s transition towards the newly created Purpose throughout the organization, and the implementation of Sustainable Peak Performance Practices. In attendance, should be the Chief Executive, the CFO, HR Director, Communication/ Marketing Director, plus 2-3 other senior portfolio holders or General Mangers with P&L responsibility. If required this format may be repeated with different business units.

From this session, you will:
    1. Develop a Business Rationale describing the logic of how the company does business & creates value.

    2. Optimise the business rationale by reference to a web based value creation diagnostic tool.

    3. Enhance value creation through value innovation - process, product and service.

    4. Develop the Top 10 Challenges - the key strategies to achieve the purpose.

    5. Construct a Peak Performance scoreboard to measure performance towards the Purpose.

    6. Co-create a communication plan to share the Purpose across all touch-points.

    7. Develop a brand brief based on the Purpose.

    8. Formulate a product portfolio, and brand architecture.

    9. Embed Purpose throughout the people policies and procedures.

    10. Nourish the organisation culture and develop a family-like environment.

The outcome will be an effective context that successfully embeds the new inspirational Purpose and Practices throughout the organization. This will ensure clarity and consistency of intent and direction for the organization and the basis for value creation and Peak Performance.