Peak Performance


This is a one day workshop designed to enable participants to understand what leads to personal and organisational wellbeing and develop their propensity for flow and productivity. Positivity is about the attitude and actions which lead towards a positive productive workplace and maximises, learning, joy and growth.

Positivity provides the wellspring for resilience and performance.

There are two parts to this workshop:
    1. Wellbeing.
    2. Flow.
Introduction to Wellbeing Wellbeing is a state of feeling positive, happy, healthy and prosperous.  We relate wellbeing to people, organisations and the planet.  Ultimate wellbeing relates to fulfilling one’s true potential.  Wellbeing enables resilience and Flow. And is the underlying enabler for performance.  Models, tools and personalised feedback are used to explain how we can enhance wellbeing for ourselves and others.
Signature strengths Signature strengths in  Positive Psychology  are an individual’s core strengths and interests in which they excel, and which they are passionate about.  Participants complete a web questionnaire to assist reflection on their signature strengths as a departure point for leadership development and Personal Purpose.
Personal Purpose Leadership starts with ‘first know thyself’. Clarity of personal values and beliefs is inspiring to others. Personal Purpose uses the same methodology as organisation Purpose [in stage 1 of Peak Performance]. Participants construct a Personal Purpose using our Personal Purpose development booklet.

Introduction to Flow Flow is the complete engagement of mind, body and spirit in challenging activities that lead to learning, joy and growth.  Flow is the departure point for performance.
Passion &  harmony A context in which people feel passionate commitment to the Purpose of the organisation and a sense of working intuitively and in harmony with each other.
Rhythm Engagement with work-life in such a way that people are in tune with each and focused on Purpose driving activities.
Flow personality A positive and optimistic outlook [autotelic behaviour] that creates enhanced potential for Flow.
Just right challenges Challenges are set just ahead of skills and experience to provide opportunities for learning, growth, achievement, gratification and joy istic outlook [autotelic behaviour] that creates enhanced potential for Flow.
Mental toughness The psychological edge that enables you to cope better with multiple performance demands through being consistently superior in remaining determined, focused, confident, resilient, and in control under pressure.
Positive energy that delivers an expectation of success tempered with determination to ensure success is delivered.