Peak Performance


  • This workshop is designed to assist senior leadership teams to work together to energise and inspire performance throughout the enterprise.    Each workshop is designed for the needs of the organisation in the light of Philosophy, Practices, Inspirational Leadership and Positivity. 


  • The elements include: 


·         Instigators find and define Purpose and energize the organization towards its achievement.  They make things happen. 


·         Enables people to understand their personal contributions to the senior leadership team 

Top Team Dynamics 

·         How senior leadership teams work together towards performing at peak 

Top Team Strategic Intent 

·         Identifies and develops the strategic orientation of the top team towards driving organisation performance 

Game Changing Ideas 

·         The role of the top team in enriching performance through creativity and ideas 

Leadership for sustainability [economic, social, environmental and ethical] 

·         Attitude and actions that lead towards sustained peak performance