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Mike and Helga Pratt are life and business partners. We run peak performance, sustainable enterprise and inspirational leadership workshops in New Zealand and around the world. Our spirit is exploring new horizons. We believe in living life through enterprise, education and exploration. Wherever we travel we make sure that we have adventures and explore along the way. This enriches our workshops and our life.  

Dr Mike Pratt is a professional director, business advisor and Fellow Chartered Accountant (Australia and New Zealand). He specialises in performance development in public sector agencies and high growth export companies. He is director and chair of the audit and risk committees of the Wise Group of Companies. Mike was Professor and Dean of Business at the University of Waikato for 18 years until 2008. 

Helga Pratt is an Ocupational Therapist and holds a masters degree in Education. She taught practiced as an Occupational Therapist and taught Occupational Therapy at The Auckland University of Technology prior to working with Mike on Peak Performance development. 

Wendy Talsma is our office manager.  Jamie Fitzgerald is a kindred spirit and one of the world's great adventurers; he runs Peak Performance workshops.  Dr Murray Horn works with Sustainable Enterprise Ltd on government clients. 

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