The Sustainable Enterprise model illustrates four domains of potential opportunity and risk for your enterprise: Eco Effectiveness, Social Responsibility, Environmental Ethics and Human Rights.

The four domains are a combination of four sustainability dynamics: economy (profit), environment (planet), equity (people) and ethics (principles). Some Sustainability diagrams illustrate a 3 legged stool using only people, profit and planet as the legs and leave out ethics. We believe that adding the fourth leg – the emotional dimension – creates a sturdier model. The north to south axis infuses economy with ethics; and the east to west axis harmonises equity with environment. So the resulting combinations are: Eco Effectiveness is the fusion of Environmental and Economic dynamics, Social Responsibility is the blend of Economics and Equity. Human Rights is achieved through Equity and Ethics and Environmental Ethics is an understanding of Ethics and the Environment.

Our web based tools use this model to enable you to self-reflect on all aspects of your sustainable enterprise development profile. The model provides an overall indication of your sustainability risks and opportunities across the four domains. The more in the green your results are the more you will be able to pursue sustainable enterprise opportunities, resulting in increased shareholder value for reasons such as: an excellent public image, cost savings and improved access to markets. The more in the red you are, the less likelihood for success and the higher risks you face; for instance, removal of right to operate, fines for not meeting legislations, expensive costs due to end of pipe solutions and reduced brand value.