Peak Performance

Inspirational Leadership

This is a one day workshop for leaders from throughout the organization which is offered as a follow-on from the initial Purposing.   The primary outcomes of this workshop will be:

    i. individual plans for personal inspirational leadership development;

           ii. the development of a leadership philosophy for the enterprise;
 iii. development plans for enterprise leadership and performance.

Participants will obtain an understanding of:

 -The potential of inspiration, beyond management and leadership 
 -The role of Inspirers in energising people towards living  the Purpose 
 -How to enhance the organizational climate by role modelling the spirit, character and beliefs 
 -How Inspiration can be enhanced throughout the organization. 

  Preparation for the workshop involves the completion of web based tools which will enable participants to reflect on all aspects of their inspirational leadership.

  Personalised feedback is provided and there is the opportunity in the workshop and subsequently for discussions with the facilitators to develop an inspirational leadership development plan.

Workshop topics include:

 -Leadership philosophy: styles, judgement,language 
 •What is the current leadership philosophy - tacit or explicit 
 •What should it be to enable peak performance 
 •Why inspirational leadership 
 -Inspirational Leadership 
 •The Inspirer