Digital Stories

Beautifully crafted digital stories contain the ingredients to emotionally ingrain sustainable ideas and actions into daily life.

Why are stories important?

Storytelling is the art of sharing events in words using drama, images and sounds. Stories are shared throughout the world for entertainment, celebration, mutual understanding, education and the passing on of culture and values. These principles apply within cultures, societies, organisations and enterprises. Because participants contribute their own experiences and imagination, stories are co-created with them. As a consequence stories are more easily remembered and have the potential to create emotional engagement and therefore to be more profoundly transformational than the equivalent facts and figures. We use storytelling and facts to create transformational change towards sustainability. We share storytelling skills in our sustainable leadership workshops.

What is digital storytelling?

Digital storytelling connects the old technology – storytelling – with new media technology and production practices, such as the Internet, digital moving images and digital sound.

A recently emerged master of digital storytelling is Al Gore. In the digital story *An Inconvenient Truth *he successfully fuses the conventional business tool *PowerPoint* with digital stories to change millions of people's views on Climate Change and even win himself an Oscar. An Inconvenient Truth highlights that purposeful storytelling can quickly and emotionally engage people with new transformational ideas.

Everyone has the potential to be a storyteller. The ability to inspire people through stories is an Enterprise opportunity not to be missed.

Our storytelling Workshop:

Through storytelling workshops Sustainable Enterprise Ltd demonstrates that sustainable development is for everyone, not just environmental activists. We show enterprises how to design stories as powerful forms of communication to educate people about sustainable consumption and enhance enterprise performance.