Advisory Services


Mike offers specialist advisory services to government departments and state services agencies.  He is a Senior Lead Reviewer for the State Services Commission Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) programme.  Sustainable Enterprise Ltd holds strategy advisory contracts with a number of State Services  agencies.  Services offered include:
- strategy development
- intervention logic development
- performance improvement services
- organisational design and transformation
- leadership and capability development
- business and operating model development

Sustainable enterprise development

Fundamental changes in the global socio economic context are instigating a paradigm shift in customer, consumer and end-user purchase and consumption choices. Our sustainable enterprise consultancy focuses on assisting CEOs and senior leaders of client organisations to develop an overall plan, strategies and actions for maximising the opportunities and minimising the risks arising from sustainability.

In particular we assist organisations to:
  • Develop Leadership for Sustainable Enterprise.
  • Create a sustainability philosophy.
  • Incorporate sustainability into the enterprise’s Purpose.
  • Identify sustainable enterprise opportunities, value creation potential and strategy.
  • review all aspects of enterprise practices through the lens of sustainability to reduce cost and risk and maximise revenue and opportunity.
  • Enhance wellbeing, flow and mental toughness.

Through a combination of conversations, background reading and web-based tools we will assess your current sustainable development profile, co-create with you a sustainable enterprise business model and make recommendations for a plan for development.

Sustainable Enterprise is fun. It's about creating innovative new business models that create enterprise value at the same time as making the world a better place. In the context of the many profound issues facing the planet as described in ‘Our Views’, sustainable enterprises around the world are doing well by doing good. We illustrate these companies under Stories on this website and feature them in our workshops. Sustainable Enterprise thinking integrates with your current approach to organisational development.